dimarts, 30 d’octubre de 2012


Nobody can justify the persistent silence of those responsible for the space agency NASA (USA), with regard to my expansion of its satellite photos of the mountains in the South of the Sinai peninsula, in Egypt.

My satellite photo enlargement represents an irrefutable graphic proof. Sent it over the internet to all over the world, to understand that it is confirmed that there was really a alien civilization to our planet, because they were able to "draw" a very strange (human?) bust, as well as also next to the different geometric shapes. It was excavating the hard rock of those tortured peaks, or summits, in which even the book "The Bible" expressed that God manifested causing major upheavals.

Why NASA, which is a serious and seemingly participatory State enterprise, has ignored for decades my alerts? How is it possible to ignore the reality of a photograph?  His picture!,.. your photo!. Someday archaeologists, which undoubtedly will excavated there certainly, must confirm my finding, because they will discover the existence of a deep pit under weak trail that still sets the "horn/ear/antenna" on the right side of my enlargement photo.

I say geologists, because it cannot be that they ignore that the Egyptians close to that very near that head exploded mines of precious stones. But in addition, exactly in the face of such drawn head, there is an unusual accumulation of copper and iron. It is not a coincidence. There are no other mineral deposits;... in thousands of miles around!.

This bust (which seems to open his mouth gesturing) it would have been "drawn" from an artificial a satellite, or perhaps from some unimaginable aircraft, using a super laser beam. I discovered it after a year of looking at many photos of the sector with magnifying glass, and then I even didn't know that internet existed.

When I finally confirmed that alleged symmetry existed, I had no doubt that the desert sand covered for centuries a pit, or sinkhole, very deep. It has to be, because dug it the same potential of the gimmick that cut the high peaks of Mount Sinai as if rocks were a manageable clay sculpture.

I subsequently later found reasons to justify the drawing that I discovered. I insist that existing mines are proof of the caloric potential employee, and in terms of its intention, present another picture which, it must be a pareidolia product. It detects a form of bearded face, mode quantum then have been associated with the idealized biblical patriarchs, although not as well done as the one shown on the highest peaks of Montserrat in Catalonia (NE Spain) is detected. http://webspace.webring.com/people/or/ramonetriu/montserrat.html

When alleged sailors from his aircraft sighted, funny, a natural form of face - to which I will call "the Patriarch" (their hair connected with the coast of the Mediterranean Sea), should want to create another painting underneath that large natural image below, to show that they (the aliens) knew it make more realistic, thanks to better highlight its outline contour.

Perhaps that all this happened in life of Moses. The fact is that - as made evident-, who previously were set from the sky at Mt Sinai felt desire to humanize those mountains. Before the mountain of Montserrat, where the physical and the spiritual are revealed interacting, we see that it is a craving that humans and the men of the stars share with God.

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